OP Innovates Launches Bioavailability Study Of Patent-Pending Naturia Plus™ CBD Delivery System

Naturia Plus, developed by OP Innovates, uses a unique evolutionary pathway to deliver CBD more effectively & efficiently. Clinical trials initiate to prove efficacy.

A study is underway to determine if there’s a better way to take CBD. 

Traditional methods of formulating CBD products are inefficient due to the inability of our bodies to effectively absorb this natural compound into our bloodstream. CBD is fat soluble, while we’re mostly made out of water. Naturia Plus™ is an all-natural, patent-pending solution to this problem. 

“When mammals first evolved, Mother Nature faced the dilemma of getting fat soluble nutrients into the aqueous body of the mammal,” explained Dr. Jim Kane, Chief Science Officer at OP Innovates.

Kane holds a PhD in microbiology, and boasts over 50 years in research and pharmaceutical development. He’s also the co-inventor of Naturia Plus.

Most CBD products use a fatty oil, like MCT, to try to get around the “bioavailability problem.” MCT is meant to help the extract cross into the blood. However, much of it gets wasted in the digestive tract. 

The experts at Lexington-based OP Innovates believe their system is easier to absorb and more bioavailable than MCT and they aim to prove it in this study. 

Dr. Jim Kane, Chief Science Officer at OP Innovates, poses in front of a hemp field. Kane will help lead the bioavailability study of Naturia Plus.
Dr. Jim Kane, Chief Science Officer at OP Innovates, will help oversee the upcoming bioavailability study of Naturia Plus.

“Evolution devised an ingenious workaround, and Naturia Plus is a product that utilizes this system and delivers fats the way Mother Nature intended,” Kane continued.

Bioavailability study: Will dogs absorb more CBD with Naturia Plus?

To prove that Naturia Plus is easier to absorb, OP Innovates teamed up with a veterinary cannabis expert to conduct the study with capsules containing CBD and either MCT Oil or the proprietary Naturia Plus formula. A variety of dogs will receive both formulations in a controlled environment.

“The dogs, which are different breeds and weights, will be given a level of CBD commensurate with their weight in the morning and will be monitored for several days,” said Kane. 

The study will include both visual monitoring and a blood test. 

“We believe this study will show that the dogs absorb more CBD with Naturia Plus than with MCT,” said Annie Rouse, Chief Operating Officer at OP Innovates. 

OP Innovates creates commercial and white-label products using Naturia Plus, each tailored for a specific desired outcome. One example is Hemp Mellow, a CBD capsule created by OP Innovates to promote relaxation and relief of everyday stress. 

“Hemp Mellow customers already tell us that our capsules help them feel better, and feel better faster, than other leading brands of CBD,” said Rouse. “Thanks to this study, we hope to back up those anecdotal experiences with scientific data.”

About OP Innovates 

Founded by a trio of cannabis, hemp and pharmaceutical industry veterans with over 100+ years of combined expertise, OP Innovates developed Naturia Plus™. Naturia Plus is a patent-pending delivery system that organically improves bioavailability the way Mother Nature intended. More than simply a product provider, OP Innovates boasts unparalleled knowledge of hemp product production, helping their partners with supply chain, research, formulation, regulation, and manufacturing services. Find them online at opinnovates.com.