OP Innovates teamed up with the Alternative Products Expo to share an essay from our COO, Annie Rouse, about how we use our patented Naturia Plus™ technology to improve the bioavailability of lipophilic molecules:

Many of you may be aware of the fact that the active compounds in cannabis and hemp are fat soluble, which becomes a problem because humans are mostly water. That means most extracts on the marketplace, especially anything that’s consumed orally, are incredibly inefficient. Most of them go to waste. That means fewer satisfied customers when compared with a more bioavailable product which provides the same relaxing results every time.

As Annie explains, one commonplace solution to the bioavailability problem are “nano” extracts, but these require the introduction of chemical compounds which alter the taste of the extract. They also result in a product that isn’t “Generally Regarded As Safe” for the dietary supplement and food industries.

Annie Rouse smiles in a hairnet and labcoat, with three smiling men in lab coats behind her. In a text box are the words, "How OP Innovates improves bioavailability with Naturia+" and the Naturia+ and Alternative Products Expo logos.
Naturia+ uses a proprietary, completely natural method to help consumers absorb fat-soluble moluecules such as CBD.

Naturia+ is the natural alternative for bioavailability

However, Naturia+ uses a proprietary, all-natural method that’s proven to improve bioavailability without interfering with flavor.

Our patented delivery system uses a pre-existing evolutionary pathway that’s present in all mammals. Naturia+ biomimics Mother Nature’s most complex transport system in the human body – the manner by which mother’s effectively pass fat-soluble nutrients to their young. The same pathway carries our extracts past first-pass metabolism in the liver (where most cannabinoids are degraded) and into the intestinal wall where it is absorbed into the lymphatic system and bloodstream. This GRAS approach allows lipophilic extracts to naturally absorb well in the body without adding any artificial chemicals or otherwise harming the purity of the extracts.

Naturia+ is already working for thousands of customers every day in product lines including Hemp Mellow and Overcome Every Day among others.

Hemp Mellow’s capsules promote long-lasting relief through with our Naturia+ technology, and a full-spectrum formula featured in capsules and gourmet chocolates. The result are products that customers can really feel.

Annie also appeared March 12 at the Alternative Products Expo show in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, where she discussed cannabis and ideas about “alternative healing.”