September 22, 2021

Anavii Market & OP Innovates Team Up To Create ‘Anavii Relief’ Capsules Powered by Naturia Plus™ Delivery System

Anavii Relief, a potent full-spectrum hemp extract capsule that works fast, uses Naturia+ to enhance bioavailability.

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY, USA — Anavii Market, a curated online marketplace for CBD and hemp products, uses OP Innovates’ patent-pending Naturia+ technology for their house-branded capsules.

Anavii Relief capsules offer a efficacious full-spectrum blend of CBD and CBDA, along with other trace cannabinoids, combined with the Naturia+ delivery system. Altogether, this creates a potent and fast-acting capsule. 

A bottle of Anavii Relief capsules
Anavii Relief capsules, made with Naturia+

“Supplements created with Naturia+ are better, faster, stronger and last longer,” explained Keith Butler, CEO in charge of formulations at OP Innovates. 

Naturia+ takes advantage of a unique evolutionary pathway to deliver cannabinoid extracts to the bloodstream more efficiently. This dramatically increases the bioavailability of supplements like Anavii Relief. 

“Best of all, this approach is completely natural, without requiring some of the added chemicals other companies use to improve the bioavailability of their products,” Butler continued.

Anavii Relief: Effective and sustainable

These weren’t the only features which appealed to Anavii Market, however, as cofounder Jason Amatucci explained. 

“When the time came to launch our own brand of supplements, we wanted to create a product that was both pure and powerful, while also sustainably made,” he said. “OP Innovates delivered a custom formula that fits our needs perfectly.”

OP Innovates creates Anavii Relief in their state-of-the-art facility powered in part by renewable geothermal energy. This factory meets some of the strictest possible national safety standards. OP Innovates even works to source raw materials within 100 miles of their factory, further cutting carbon costs. 

This summer, OP Innovates launched a scientific study that they hope will document the improved bioavailability of their system. The study compared the absorption rates of Naturia+ versus traditional CBD supplements that use MCT oil for delivery. The company expects to announce positive results soon.

“We love that Naturia+ is based in nature, yet backed by science showing it works better,” Amatucci added. “That creates a supplement our customers can trust.”  

Each Anavii Relief capsule contains 20mg of combined CBD & CBDA. The supplement retails for $49.95 per 30 capsules and $89.95 for 60 capsules. 

About Anavii Market

Founded in 2018, Anavii Market is a unique marketplace offering the best in CBD and selected hemp products, too. Every cannabinoid supplement sold by Anavii Market is lab-tested and carefully evaluated to ensure it meets the highest standards, in addition to being personally tested by their staff. After building a name as a source of trustworthy third-party CBD, in 2020 they launched their own Anavii-branded products, including Anavii Relief capsules and Anavii Health hemp protein powder. Find them online at     

About OP Innovates 

Founded by a trio of cannabis, hemp and pharmaceutical industry veterans with over 100+ years of combined expertise, OP Innovates developed Naturia Plus™. This patent-pending delivery system organically improves bioavailability the way Mother Nature intended. More than simply a product provider, OP Innovates boasts unparalleled knowledge of hemp product production, helping their partners with supply chain, research, formulation, regulation, and manufacturing services. Find them online at