A preliminary study offers evidence that Naturia Plus™ from OP Innovates creates stronger CBD which absorbs faster and more efficiently into the bloodstream.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA — On average, people absorb less than 10% of the total dosage of most CBD products on the market. The results of a recently completed scientific study show there is a better way to make CBD and other cannabinoid products. 

OP Innovates designed Naturia+, their patent pending cannabinoid delivery system, so that more would be absorbed into the bloodstream. It takes effect faster than other brands of CBD, too. 

They now have additional scientific evidence proving just how well their system works. Over the summer, a leading cannabis researcher completed a crossover study on dogs, comparing the effectiveness of CBD that uses Naturia+ against the more conventional CBD oil formula using MCT oil. While the results are just preliminary, it backs up what consumers already report: that products made with Naturia+ feel stronger and work faster than the competition. 

“By all measurements, Naturia+ was faster or stronger than the other product,” summarized Dr. Jim Kane, Chief Science Officer at OP Innovates. 

During the study, a group of dogs of various breeds and sizes, volunteered by their owners, received CBD with Naturia+ in their normal food. Then, after several days, they received CBD oil mixed with MCT oil, a very common formulation. Each dog had their blood tested, after receiving each type of CBD, to show how much they’d absorbed and how fast it took effect.

“We looked at each dog individually, since they were from different breeds and received different types of food,” said Kane, who was also one of the designers of the study. 

While the study began with 6 dogs, half of the initial cohort encountered temporary digestive difficulties after taking the CBD with MCT oil. Naturia+ CBD was well tolerated by all the dogs. 

Of the remaining dogs, all showed moderate to significant improved efficiency with Naturia+ CBD compared to the alternative. The Naturia+ CBD took effect faster, and the dogs absorbed higher doses into their bloodstream. 

“Our conclusion is that the material with Naturia+ reaches the blood much sooner and reaches peak absorption faster,” Kane explained. “And by measuring the area under the curve, which is larger as you can see just by looking at it, we can show our product lasts longer.”

NaturiaPlus PK Study Graph CBD Bioavailability
Naturia+ CBD Crossover PK Results Graph

The green curve shows the dog’s stronger reaction to CBD with Naturia+, while the gray curve shows that the same dog absorbed far less of the MCT-oil product.

A growing number of products use Naturia+ to offer tailored blends of cannabinoids derived from hemp as well as other lipophilic ingredients.

“We’re continuing to gather even more scientific evidence about Naturia+’s effectiveness,” said Annie Rouse, Chief Operating Officer at OP Innovates. “We believe investing in research on this ground-breaking process will resolve many bioavailability concerns.”

Naturia+ is different from other approaches to improving the “bioavailability” of CBD, because it does not require mechanically or chemically altering the ingredients.

Rouse added, “Outside of the cannabinoids, everything we do is already deemed Generally Recognized As Safe. That can’t be said about nano-technology, which is often the technology of choice to improve bioavailability.”