Two brands created by OP Innovates help out by donating a portion of profits to important causes. These include supporting the environment, and research into chronic illness.

OP Innovates use Naturia Plus™, our proprietary delivery system that helps cannabindoids work better, faster, stronger and longer in both brands, Hemp Mellow and Overcome Every Day. We also apply our desire for sustainability, one of our key values, to every stage of the manufacturing process.

But beyond these important steps, our brands make the world a better place with every purchase:

Hemp Mellow joins 1% for the Planet

Hemp Mellow joined the 1% for the Planet movement in July. We will donate 1% of annual Hemp Mellow sales this year to the nonprofit.

“We strive to create a more sustainable CBD, so we knew it was important to give back to the planet too,” said Hemp Mellow’s co-founder Annie Rouse. She’s also one of the founders of OP Innovates.

1% for the Planet is a global movement of businesses and individuals that support environmental solutions through annual membership and everyday action. Their goal is to bring “dollars and doers” together to amplify the impact of each donation.

Hemp Mellow hopes to target their donations towards groups that protect the ocean. Not only does this match the mellow, “beachy” aesthetic of the brand, it also aligns with OP Innovates’ values. The health of the ocean is vital to the overall health of the planet and humanity. While OP Innovates works to reduce the use of single-use plastic, we also recognize that we need to do more by protecting the ocean directly.

“We’re on a mission to reduce our customers’ anxiety and stresses, naturally,” Annie said. “We know the climate crisis can cause a lot of anxiety, and we hope to inspire others by showing how all our actions can really add up.”

Check out Hemp Mellow’s full product line of full-spectrum CBD capsules and even Hemp Mellow-infused chocolates.

Overcome Every Day supports Lyme research & education

For the third year in a row, Overcome Every Day plans to donate 1% of profits in 2021 to support Lyme disease research and education.

Annie Rouse’s struggle with Lyme disease ultimately inspired her to create the Overcome Every Day product line. OP Innovates formulated Overcome Every Day products to support recovery and flexibility from active lifestyles, and anyone that needs a little more support to keep moving.

“Nothing fires me up like seeking out real challenges and conquering them, and overcoming Lyme is one of the biggest challenges anyone can face,” Annie said.

It took years after the initial tick bite for Annie to receive proper diagnosis and treatment. Even being taken seriously by doctors was sometimes a struggle.

“That’s why I know it’s so important to both raise awareness about Lyme and support research into new treatments,” Annie said. “I want everyone to know there is hope, you can make things better.”

Overcome Every Day offers CBD capsules and topicals designed to support customers from morning to night.